That genius, Lucky Ladd. . .

It’s one of those places you go to and think, “why didn’t I think of this?”.  It’s everything you love about fall. Pumpkins, scare crows, giant corn mazes, tractor rides and MORE! Giant boxes filled with nothing but corn and toys to dig with (beware allergic friends),  a petting zoo complete with donkeys, emus, goats, and peacocks, so many things to bounce on, slide down, climb over and swing off of. We could have spent a full day here. But, we had a dinner party to get to, so we made the most of the two hours we had, and will definitely have to go back . Lucky Ladd‘s you guys. . . you gotta go.


Their website says they’re about ‘barnyard adventures and family fun’, and man. . understatement! I think I just convinced myself to go again this weekend. Guess I’m hooked. . .


get your cute baby fix here. . .

This is Briggs, and he’s 3 months old. He was so relaxed during his photo shoot that his arm was behind his head practically the whole time. Ah, to be 3 months old again. . . While I’m sure teething and holding that head up for extended periods of time is tough, but he makes it look easy . . and so CUTE. Seriously. Those little ears, and those hands clasped together. . .


Did that give anyone baby fever? Didn’t think so. . .

ASC has a new website!

Believe it or not, this baby has been a slow work in progress (baby steps, remember?) for the last 6 months or so. I’m excited to move it forward and get it in front of people who’ve been asking about the next pottery workshop, or where they can find my jewelry and ceramics. So, here it is! The Etsy shop is officially open, with more items to be added shortly. There are earrings, rings, and more necklaces waiting in the wings, but I haven’t had quite enough time to get them in the shop yet. SOON. This is an ongoing effort, a challenging one, when you’ve got a full-time day job, an hour commute, and two small boys who need their mama.

With your support and my never-ending hustle, we’ll make this thing a full-time gig. Click the preview below to check it out in real-life.


I’d love your feedback about the site! What do you think? I’ve also added a little link to information about photography and I’m weighing the options of making it more visible but I struggle with whether or not they should live in separate places. SO, feedback. Let it rip in the comments, and THANK YOU so much! OH, and don’t forget to reserve a spot in the next workshop happening in JANUARY 2017!


Ethan is ONE!

     It really doesn’t seem like long ago we met on this same little hill in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee to do a 6 month session for this little boy, and now he’s crawling (FAST) and wanting badly to take a few steps on his own. Ethan also discovered a hedgeapple for the first time and wouldn’t you know it? He tried to eat it. Thinking I remembered someone once told me those are poisonous, we put a stop to that. Otherwise I’m ALL about eating whatever you want on your birthday.

Update: I’ve since found out that while hedge apples are not considered palatable, they are not actually poisonous. Sorry I stopped the birthday fun Ethan!

Ethan, you’re looking a lot like your dad. You love being on the move, and you seem to also really like your big brother a lot. He’ll have you into all kinds of fun soon I’m sure!  I can’t wait to see how big you are the next time we get together 🙂

Most playful placemats at Fiona Flaherty’s

There’s a little shop on Woodland Street in East Nashville that will overcome your senses. Right across from Yeast Nashville,  Fiona Flaherty’s playful little store may just take you 30 minutes to take it all in. That’s about how long it took me, anyway. Neon tape in every color stripes the walls, the floor is graffitied (is that a word?) in spray paint and glitter, and in the back you’ll see a shop filled with plastic tubing of all colors because back there they make. . . wait for it– hula hoops. How cool is that?! Yep, they make and sell their own hula hoops, but that’s not all; they also use that tubing to make sweet retro-style jump ropes (also in neon colors, some of which glow in the dark!). I could go on and on about how very hip all of it is. . .


This collaboration was so much fun. It presented new photographic challenges for me, and I’m already thinking of what I’d do differently next time.  My good buddy Kelsey styled these photos with Fiona‘s own illustrated placemats (cause they also have a print shop in the store!). I love them all so much, and can’t wait to have Fiona make me some for my clay workshops 🙂



They also have quirky/cute wrapping papers, and ALL kinds of unique party favors. This is one-of-a kind stuff, people. You really just have to go and see it. Where else are you going to find a Bernie greeting card like this? Don’t worry, they have this same Bernie illustration in gift wrap, thank GOD.



Fiona, you inspire me in so many ways. I’m totally coming back for that neon jump rope-making kit. And Kelsey, you make me want to party with you (let’s seriously party soon). If you like what you see, go check out this shop in person or online.

The ETSY re-vamp.

Baby steps. . . That’s what I keep telling myself. Fifteen minutes here, forty minutes there. . . I’m making small bits of progress and crossing tiny things off of large lists. Over the weekend I was able to take a few updated photos of a few things you’ll find in my ETSY shop. Nope, it’s not open yet, but you’ll be relieved to know I’ve set a date!

I’ve set the date for Friday, September 30th. Get ready, and if you haven’t signed up to hear directly from me about this and other cool happenings, sign up HERE.

Remember when. . .

I used to make really cool ceramic jewelry and other fun things?!  I’m getting back to business. I closed my ETSY shop for a bit, and while it is still technically closed, I’m taking baby steps to get my shit back together (finally!). The best part is that I’m starting to think I’m making progress!

A special thank-you to Jaclyn and Priya for helping me to get pieces photographed. You make this even more fun 🙂

I’m excited to share some new-ness soon, including a fancy new website. You’ll be able to shop the latest in ceramic gifts and jewelry, as well as get information about my clay workshops. If you like what you see, follow along by signing up here. I’m so thankful for those who support my creative life!

The Priya Project


Priya is way better at updating her blog than I am. She updates that thing probably 2-3 times a week! And just look at how versatile these looks are. I just looked over them again, and her hair is different in I’m pretty sure I have like, two ways to fix my hair. There’s curly, and straight-ish (which defaults back to curly/frizzy if it happens to rain).  Anyway, Priya and I are still taking walks, and short drives to find new fun spots for photos. We’re having a blast. I feel totally prepared should anyone in the Nashville area want to take portraits.  I’m excited for a couple of upcoming trips we’re going to take to murals around town.



Priya, you rock that blog, girl. And, somehow your hair always looks good (even if its not what we might call “freshly washed”). How is this possible? I’m going to make an effort to do more in the way of blog posting, and hair fixing.  Thank you for the inspiration!

A beautiful Albany wedding.

I’m finally getting to sharing photos I took back in May at a really beautiful wedding in Albany, New York. I had never been there before, and it’s smaller and quieter than I imagined it would be. It was probably the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to. It also tops the list for the highest number of celebratory events centered around a wedding. It included a rehearsal dinner, followed by a cocktail hour, then the wedding ceremony, followed by a cocktail hour, followed by dinner and reception, which was then followed by a brunch at a local tavern the following morning. These people know how to get married!



And they lived happily ever after. . .





20 people, one beach condo.

Every year in July, the Brown family heads to Myrtle Beach. I’ve been part of the family for the last 6 years and each year we’ve added at least one new cousin to the group. Needless to say, it’s a full house. .


There were big storms with booming thunder, lots of boys digging holes, and a new record set for youngest new baby- Briggs, at just 3 weeks old.  It’s loud, crazy, and exhausting, but I know there are priceless memories being made.